About the Trenchless Information Center®

The Trenchless Information Center® (TIC) established in 1996 is dedicated to providing information to the end user about the trenchless technology industry. Today's industry is constantly changing with new developments, and current technological information is not always available. The intent of TIC is to provide up-to-date information and contacts for the various technologies. To this end, TIC is committed to provide resources for finding the technology and identifying its capabilities. TIC is dedicated to promoting the Trenchless Technology Industry by:
  • Identifying technologies.
  • Providing technology contacts
  • Promoting educational and information sources.
  • Maintaining liaison with industry.
  • Publishing up-to-date associated web sites.
  • Assisting the industry with Internet services.
  • Providing an economic site for hosting technologies.
We are now offering our services to help you get on the Internet We believe that the Internet can promote Trenchless Technology into the 21st Century.