Ladtech, Inc.

Ladtech, Inc.
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than the old traditional ways and methods?

LADTECH 100% recycled plastic adjusting ring for chimney sections exceeds the standard concrete and mortar and brick and mortar system. The Ladtech rings solve the ongoing dilemma of what we do with CHIMNEY SECTION of manholes that are constantly eroding away and needing repair work.

The LADTECH® SYSTEM gives Contractors an engineered product that has an ASTM and AASHTO HS 25 manufacturing and road requirement standard specification, that when installed properly will vacuum test 100% of the time and will reduce over all escalating installation time and costs.
Ladtech, Inc. Along with the manhole round adjusting rings Ladtech offers contractors a 24"X36" & 24"X24" adjusting rings for catch basins. Using the Ladtech catch basin rings will reduce your installation time by 2/3 versus the traditional brick and mortar system. The most significant is the Slope Ring that has a 2% grade change built into a single ring that can match any slope and finished grade of the casting. A great advantage is once the rings are installed the structure is ready for the casting and can proceed to completion without mortar set time. The rings are also resistant to the salt in storm sewer run off which deteriorates the brick and mortar system. The "LADTECH SYSTEM" is a proven quality method that will exceed your expectations and will provide a quality road way for years to come.