Link-Pipe Inc.

Link-Pipe Inc.

Link Pipe Link-Pipe Incorporated (LPI) is an engineering company based in Toronto, Canada. The focus of the company is to design and manufacture no-dig underground pipe repair products using materials with long-time proven service record.

Our mission is to manufacture and market reliable and practical technologies for repair of underground infrastructure systems including sewer, water main, industrial, steam and gas supply applications.

Over the years, a steadily developed range of repair devices has been brought to the market aimed at extending the service life of city sewers and other underground piping infrastructures to their full expectations.

What makes Link-Pipe unique and a market leader in trenchless short repair is the company's engineering capability to swiftly respond to customer requests arising out of practical project-related needs.

Link-Pipe has been operating and serving the trenchless pipe repair niche market worldwide since 1980.