PLCS Ltd., was founded in 1968 when British Gas, the largest gas company in the world, was in the process of converting to natural gas and starting to experience major leakage problems from their cast iron pipes.

PLCS developed a system of encapsulating each pipe joint with a special polyurethane sealant that cured to a flexible synthetic rubber. PLCS Encapsulation has become the number one repair system used by over a hundred gas companies worldwide.

In 1985 the US subsidiary of PLCS became independent under the ownership of Howard Hardwick. The company now supplies a wide range of gas distribution maintenance products to all major gas utilities and their contractors in North and South America.

In 1998 PLCS bought ALH Systems Inc. and gained access to their innovative drilling, tapping, and line stopping equipment, Mainspray anaerobic internal sealing and a whole range of products for PE pipe including coiled pipe trailers and Steve Vick International products.

In 1999, PLCS was appointed the sole distributor for the range for anaerobic sealants made by Chemence, Inc. These sealants complement our encapsulation products and have made PLCS the clear leader in natural gas distribution leak technology.