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Reline America, Inc.® is the exclusive North American manufacturer of ALPHALINER™ (formerly known as Blue-Tek™) ultra-violet glass reinforced cured-in-place pipe (UV CIPP). ALPHALINER™ is available for non-pressurized application needs in 6 to 54 inch diameter pipe. In addition to supplying this engineered CIPP liner solution, Reline America® also manufactures a state of the art UV-light installation equipment system specific to ALPHALINER™ that incorporates the award winning QUALITY-TRACKER-SYSTEM™.

Across North America, pipes and culverts are increasingly in need of renewal. Community and environmental impact are substantially reduced with the use of a trenchless pipeline rehabilitation solution compared to pipeline cut and cover type replacement projects.

Wastewater Collection Systems
Reline America
Manhole-to-manhole trenchless sewer main renewal technology that offers a field-confirmed reliable, cost-effective, long-term (50-80 year) solution with reduced environmental and community impact.

Stormwater & Drainage Systems
Reline America
Reline America is helping municipal agencies and DOTs structurally renew aging drainage and culvert structures while protecting them against future corrosion and abrasion.

Industrial Facility Process Pipes
Reline America
High strength, fully structural, affordable and long-term trenchless technology solutions for industrial facilities' process pipe requirements, including high temperature, corrosion and abrasion.