Source: HDD

Source: HDD

At Source: HDD, we focus on supporting horizontal / directional drilling contractors. We feel this goes beyond selling them products and sending them down the road. We believe our continued success is based on maintaining our reputation of excellence while helping our customers stay in business.

Ready-to-work equipment

Used rigs, mud mixing & delivery systems, vacuum & pothole systems, tooling systems and locating equipment have been evaluated by our on-staff mechanics and operators. All equipment is inspected, repaired as necessary, fully serviced and tested for complete functionality. When we say it's ready to work, we mean it.

Ready-to-buy prices

Source: HDD provides ready-to-drill equipment priced at current market value. Our pricing strategy allows our customers to be competitive in the toughest market environments. We believe our equipment provides the highest return on investment in the industry.

Expert advice

Seasoned pros and new drillers alike have occasion to wonder if they have selected the proper equipment or tools for a job. That's especially important when you're about to make a purchase. Setting us apart from most equipment and tool suppliers is the knowledge and experience to help you make that selection right the first time.