“We are bigger and better than ever before with many new features, better look and feel, and new opportunities to reach new customers! We boast the largest audience for Trenchless Suppliers on the internet! Get ready we’re about to embark on a marketing journey never seen before. We are a forward thinking company ready to embrace all workable avenues staying committed to building the brand and growing our audience.”

Matt Benton, CEO | Trenchless Information Center

TIC is the foremost authority with all services related to the Trenchless industry. TIC has been around since 1996 serving contractors, installers, municipalities, and individuals looking to learn more about No Dig pipe rehabilitation and underground boring. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, TIC offers a wealth of resources not found anywhere else.

TIC is on the cutting edge of installation techniques and solutions in an ever evolving and changing industry. We are moving America forward by helping to provide solutions to our growing list of contactors which in-turn allows for us to tackle the problematic underground infrastructure. By using as a vital resource, contractors will receive informative newsletters, video interviews/tips, training and just about anything else you could possibly want to know about the Trenchless industry, in addition to buying equipment.

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What's Our Plan To Rock This?

  • Partnerships with FaceBook groups Plumbing Hacks - 39,000 members & PPL of HDD - 28,000 members
  • 2,150 Email opt-in subscribers - We will grow this number significantly as all new users will be required to register to use - Also, promoting sign ups through Plumbing Hacks and PPL of HDD.
  • Filming Reality Show, - NoDigTV - three, 22 minute episodes to be distributed on the NoDig Platform. Currently we are looking for a show sponsor which includes two, 30 second commercials. Production starts June 2020, first episode released July 25th.
  • Bi-Weekly interviews for our Titans of Trenchless - each interview will be on the homepage for two weeks at a time. Advertising will be available for each interview
  • NoDig Awards Gala, we are early in the planning stage - but we see this as a much needed accolades for some of the hardest working men and women in America. We are planning on having the 2-day event at a Hilton in Tampa Bay or Sarasota in Feb/March 2021.
  • Virtual Reality NoDig Trade Show approx May/June 2021.
  • Spending up to $5,000/Month on Display ads to further help drive users to the site. 
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Episode 1: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay


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One of our popular sections is our Forum page where job seekers, companies looking to hire, equipment sales and just about anything else related to the Trenchless industry receives new posts every day!

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