Trenchless pipe lining has brought a new, affordable, innovative option to the plumbing sector, leaving traditional repairs in the past. Over the last few decades, trenchless pipe lining has been established into a world-renowned operation that has changed the way plumbing infrastructure if mended for homeowners, municipalities and more.

In 1971, Englishman Eric Wood invented a trenchless method called cured-in-place piping, CIPP. Today, this is commonly used for trenchless pipe lining. Prior to the implementation of trenchless technology, plumbing companies would dig trenches using an excavator and hand digging with shovels. As a result, most projects would take several days with multiple crewmen, leaving behind property damage and high costs.

Trenchless pipe lining boasts the ability to save residential and commercial property owners up to 75 per cent in costs compared to the outdated alternative.

Countless plumbing companies have transitioned and upgraded to offer trenchless pipe lining services as they are in demand. This innovative, environmentally friendly method allows professionals to offer their clients a quick, efficient process that saves time and money.

With trenchless pipe rehabilitation, professionals will use the existing pipe structure while creating a new, durable, long-lasting pipe within the old formation.
Once the pipes are lined with epoxy resin, property owners can expect to see their lifespan last for up to 50 years. As a result, clients can rest assured that business can continue for a long time with no further backup or pipe issues.

High-tech equipment and exclusive materials will be used by professionals to repair your ailing pipes. As a result, property owners will end up with an extremely durable pipe system that will not corrode, rust, crack or fall victim to tree root invasion.

With trenchless pipe lining, your plumbing professional can complete a sewer pipe lining process in as little as a few hours, transforming your pipe system to pristine condition while saving you time to spend on what matters most.


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