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    With the continuous development and internationalization of the education system, international students are facing increasing academic pressure. In this context, exam proxy services have emerged as a controversial solution to academic stress. This article explores the background and origin of exam proxy services, analyzing the reasons behind their development and their impact on education.

    Internationalization of Education
    As globalization advances, higher education systems in many countries become more internationalized. An increasing number of students choose to study abroad, facing language barriers, cultural differences, and academic pressures in a foreign land. In such situations, exam proxy services from have become a way to cope with academic stress.

    Academic Challenges for International Students
    International students often need to adapt to new learning environments, teaching methods, and exam standards. Language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliarity with new knowledge can make exams challenging for them. To successfully complete their studies, some international students may seek help from exam proxy services.

    Market Demand and Commercialized Education
    With the expansion of the education market, commercialized education has become a thriving industry. Some organizations have identified the needs of international students and started providing exam proxy services. While this service meets the demands of some students, it has also sparked various controversies.

    Advancements in Internet Technology
    With the continuous progress of internet technology, various information and services spread rapidly online. Exam proxy services have also rapidly developed in this context. The anonymity and convenience of the internet provide a platform for exam proxy services, making them easily accessible to students.

    Academic and Competitive Pressure
    International students often face immense pressure from family, society, and school. In competitive academic environments, students may feel significant academic stress. Exam proxy services have become a way for students to cope with this pressure, although it is not a long-term solution.

    Shift in Ethical and Moral Perspectives
    With the diversification of societal values, some individuals’ ethical and moral perspectives have changed. For some, exam proxy services may no longer be seen as morally corrupt behavior but rather as a utilitarian choice. This shift in perspective has provided fertile ground for the rise of exam proxy services.

    Legal and Regulatory Factors
    Different countries have varying legal and regulatory attitudes towards exam proxy services. In some countries, these services are explicitly prohibited and considered illegal. However, in other countries, especially in some developing nations, due to insufficient legal frameworks or lax law enforcement, exam proxy services continue to exist.

    In summary, the background and origin of exam proxy services are intertwined with various factors. While these services meet the needs of some international students, they have raised concerns in academic circles and society. When facing this phenomenon, educational institutions, students, and society should contemplate and take measures to ensure that international students have a conducive academic environment while also nurturing their self-discipline and academic integrity.

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