How Do I Grow My Trenchless Business in 2022?

As municipal infrastructure, homes and other essential buildings continue to deteriorate with time, trenchless technology does the opposite and continues to grow, evolve and is often the number one choice for mending underground pipelines, essential for keeping these buildings open and operating. 

And while trenchless contractors are crucial for offering this innovative technology, many potential clients may be unaware of this superior option or that your company exists. 

Reaching your potential clients and building your roster of satisfied customers is the first step to owning and operating a successful, trenchless business. Let’s go over the initial, important steps you should take as the boss, to grow your company. 

Who is your clientele?

  • Determine who you are trying to reach well before launching out-dated advertising efforts
  • Establish a general demographic while having a specific audience in mind
  • Having a clear understanding of who your target audience is, will allow you to spend your marketing budget cleverly

Become Known Online

  • Print, radio, and television will help promote your business but is costly and obsolete 
  • Online trenchless marketing boasts affordability and efficiency 
  • Build a professional website which can be used as an online store front
  • Reach the masses with social media platforms, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)

Become One With The Community

  • Build your client base and become recognized by getting involved with your community
  • Use signage on job sites for community members to see
  • Participate in community events
  • Obtain a booth during local events to bring awareness while offering discounts for those who sign up or become a fan
  • Become available for charity events, lending your services or financial support, building a positive repour with your neighbours 

Call A friend (Cross Promote)

  • Borrow the reputation of an established local business to promote your own brand
  • Encourage another business owner to promote you to customers by offering various deals to referrals
  • Your new ally can now offer good opportunities to their own clients while building on yours

Looking for more ways to grow your business in 2022? Check out our list of Lead Generation opportunities.


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