When it comes to cleaning and unclogging build-up and dirt from pipe lines it’s important to have an understanding of the best pipe cleaning options available to you and if they are safe for your pipes.

Hydro jetting is a safe and common approach used by your local trenchless technology company for residential, commercial and municipal sewer lines. There are a variety of hydro jetter suppliers available who manufacture small to large hydro jetters depending on the application.

Hydro jetting works by applying high pressurized water without any chemicals into the sewer pipe through a cleanout, and acts similar to a pressure washer, but with higher water pressure. This effective pipe cleaning process is safe and can be used on cement, steel, cast iron, orangeburg, PVC and clay pipes.

Experienced trenchless technology, sewer cleaning or local plumbing companies will have highly trained sewer technicians that will use precise amounts of water pressure to remove obstructions and build-up without damaging your pipes. It is common practise do a CCTV camera inspection of the sewer line to find out the pipe material and condition of your sewer line to ensure your pipe is a good candidate for hydro jetting since this method is not ideal for some older or brittle pipes.

These technicians can also provide you with a timeline of how often you should hydro jet your lines to keep things flowing without debris, build up, roots or other obstructions in your sewer line.
Hydro jetting is also commonly used before trenchless pipe lining methods to clean the pipe and ensure it is prepped for the liner to be installed without digging.

So now that we’ve covered how and when hydro jetting is used to safely clean your sewer pipes, let’s have a look at some of our Trenchless Information Center’s Premium Suppliers:

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.

Gorlitz equipment has proven itself many times over because it had been designed by engineers, built by qualified machinists and tested by professional operators. Gorlitz offers a vast line of Drain Cleaning Machines and High-Pressure Water Jetters as well as Supporting Equipment to assist and to satisfy the most discriminating professional.

Patriot Sewer Equipment

Patriot Sewer Equipment & Repair is a manufacturer, distributor, service, repair, rentals, and sales center for quality sewer equipment. They are your one stop shop for plumbing equipment repairs. They repair all makes and models of sewer camera’s, hydro jetters, and drain machines.

Spartan Tool LLC

Spartan Tool offers a full line of hydro jetters to cover your drain cleaning needs. Make quick work of obstructions such as ice, grease and tough roots with our range of jetting equipment. Their cart jetters offer the power you expect from a jetter in a smaller package for easy portability and use in tight spaces. The urban line of skid-mount jetters fit compactly in your work truck while allowing room for other equipment. Their trailer jetters offer the power you need and the durability you expect from Spartan equipment, so you can tackle whatever obstruction gets in your way.


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