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    Jackie Davidson

    Have you only been locating a week? Drilling for companies that buy parts at Home Depot to fix their drill with less than a 1000 hrs on it with more slop than a soup kitchen? Well if you’re tired of getting up on time to work for a guy that expects you to actually get something done then I’m your man. Working with me you get free steak and shrimp, I don’t expect you to breathe to hard, we’ve got new trucks for you to destroy since you’ve never been productive enough where you can buy your own. I Never get upset when you leave tools scattered around the pit, we just back fill them right in there, you don’t have to pay for it right so why does it matter. When we give you expense money we never expect the receipt or change back, Serta air conditioned/heated mattresses are provided brand new at no cost to anyone who you respect or listen to. And to top it all off we encourage drug use on the job site and Drivers Licenses are viewed as oppressive and part of the patriarchal system of white privilege that we definitely do not adhere to around here. I mean who really expects us to apply ourselves and be responsible adults that can provide for the kids we gracefully bless Radom strange women with as soon as possible? Rubbish if you ask me. Well if your great at video games and truly understand that happiness only comes in the form of a nice fat handout from some rich sucker that could never have made it through the trailer parks you have then I’m definitely your man. 4322141888

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    That is awesome!! Lmaofff!!!!

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    Pretty sure I draft that in my head every week. Absolutely priceless. Lol.

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    the sad thing is, an amigo I recently hired would fit right in with the “kids these days”.

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    Mr Byron

    They will never know that feeling in the gut after 20 hours dragging a monster through the ground and then the pressure eased and that turd comes at ya . That’s drilling gotta love it and few do

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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