American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation

American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation, (AITC) is a specialty utility construction company performing analysis, maintenance and rehabilitation or replacement of pipelines for municipal, industrial and private use.

Since our inception, American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation has been in the business of providing sewer maintenance and rehabilitation services to clients with a wide variety of specialized needs.

The management staff at American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation has developed special expertise in the industry which enables the most effective form of analysis, maintenance and rehabilitation or repair to the client. Many times we are asked to work directly with clients to form the best and most practical approach and solutions to accomplish their needs.

Many rehabilitation and replacement related projects have been successfully completed by American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation. Our success is realized by the fact that many of the projects that we perform are repeat clients. Our reputation is well established and maintained by our company-wide commitment for outstanding performance as well as exceeding client expectations.

American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation performs the following services:
  • Cured-in-Place trenchless sewer relining in mains, laterals as well as short sectional point repairs
  • Full pipeline replacement as well as point repairs for Sewer, Storm Sewer, and Water
  • Sewer and Storm Sewer televising and cleaning, grouting as well as I & I Studies
  • Pipe bursting Sewer and Water
  • Manhole rehabilitation and replacement
American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation is a member of NASSCO.