Our two top choices of sewer camera brands

Sewer cameras:  a valuable tool to enable professionals to determine if there’s a problem with the home’s sewer system. Often homeowners or property managers notice an unpleasant sewer gas odor, or their water is failing to drain at normal speed, as a result, a plumber is called, and a reliable sewer camera is needed. And while many products are on the market, EasyCAM and Hathorn take the top spots for offering the highest quality products on the market.

Here is why…


  • EasyCAM is the original sewer camera system that was designed using modular components.
  • Each separate component is manufactured to easily plug into one another.
  • EasyCAM eliminated problems of downtime and expensive labor costs.
  • Before EasyCAM was developed, many professionals were spending thousands of dollars on repairs with other sewer camera systems.
  • EasyCAM comes complete with a monitor.
  • Offers large video selection.
  • Only a standard RCA video jack is required, saving additional costs.
  • There is no need to place an order for a specific monitor and wait for it to be delivered.


Over time, Hathorn has evolved and dominated the plumbing industry with their impressive suite of sewer cameras. They have gradually developed into a leading industry name and a respected corporation.

  • Hathorn is the leading manufacturer of push camera systems that are available worldwide.
  • Hathorn is equipped with countless dealers and repair centres across the globe.
  • The Hathorn push camera systems are municipal grade, manufactured in North America with unbeatable prices.
  • The camera systems are commonly used across the United States, Canada and Australia to deliver high quality video for home inspections and inspecting pipe issues.
  • The Hathorn dealers cover a vast amount of territory, enabling professionals to obtain service and repair for their equipment at any time.
  • Hathorn products can be repaired at their factory locations in Toronto, Canada and Columbus, Ohio.
  • Products always come with an impressive warranty.

So if you’re looking to up your sewer inspection business and want a reliable brand, be sure to check out our list of suppliers.

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