Integrity Environmental Services, LLC


License #: PA155821

Insured: Yes

Years doing Trenchless: 15

Types Offered: CIPP, Pipe Bursting, Sewer Camera Inspection, Slip Lining

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    Integrity Environmental Services, LLC

    What Does Our Company Do?

    As complicated as it sounds……It’s really quite simple! Give us your most difficult projects that run under roadways or down miles of streets! Stop destroying beautiful landscaping and waiting months for it to be restored! Say goodbye to ROAD CLOSED signs and DETOURS that cause traffic nightmares.  Our team is expertly trained to design a solution that meets the needs of everyone involved! 

    If you have a project that has you scratching your head, give us a call! Our experts are happy to walk you through our processes and see if we are a fit for your project!


    Sewer Camera Inspection
    This technology is used for everything from pre-sale home inspections,  to troubleshooting an existing problem.  With our sewer camera, we can pinpoint exact locations in your problem pipe so that we can design a solution that fits best for your situation.  Our company is equipped to inspect everything from residential lateral lines to large diameter municipal mains.
    Pipe Bursting
    This technology is a great fit for replacing long runs or deteriorated piping and requires very minimal excavation.  The equipment works by fragmenting and displacing the existing piping while installing a new, same size or larger line at the same time.  We offer this technology for a variety of applications (sewer, storm, water, gas, electrical conduits, etc.) and for a variety of pipe diameters (2″ to 60″ plus!).
    C.I.P.P. (Cured In Place Pipe)
    As its name suggests, this technology allows us to build a new stand-alone pipe right inside the old.  We have the ability to remotely repair just a section or an entire pipeline from sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ in diameter to 72″ diameter plus!  In many cases, this technology allows us to repair or replace a line with no excavation at all!  Additional advantages include our ability to reinstate (re-open) points of connection to other communicating lines, again with zero required excavation.  
    Slip Lining
    For medium and large diameter lines (often storm sewer, dam overflow or lake/pond management applications), we calculate both the capacity of the existing pipeline and that of a slightly smaller, smooth lined piping offering a lower coefficient of friction.  In most cases, we can offer a dimensionally smaller line which offers an increased capacity over the original, larger line.  The new piping is installed right through the existing using large, constant tension winches.  The annular space between the old piping and the new is then filled with a flowable fill or grout to add additional support and fill any voids created outside the original line as the old pipe deteriorated.