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The Trusted Experts for Sovent Cleaning, Trenchless Repairs, and More in Florida, Nevada, and across the US

Top-Notch Trenchless Pipe Lining in Las Vegas, NV, and Nearby Areas

Pipes typically last for about 50 years. However, hard water, tree roots, shifting soil, high groundwater tables, and improper use may shorten that lifespan. When a pipe needs rehabilitation, pipe lining offers a cost-effective and long-lasting repair. At Total Drain Solutions, we offer trenchless pipe lining in Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas to restore your residential or commercial property’s sewer lateral or main sewer line.

Pipe Lining Overview

Pipe lining involves inserting a durable liner into an existing pipe. It repairs the pipe from within. We use trenchless technology to perform pipe lining on your property. This results in minimal disruption. We provide sewer pipe lining in the following areas we serve:

– Las Vegas, NV

– Henderson, NV

– Summerlin, NV

– Bradenton, FL

We also service:

– North Las Vegas, NV

– Spring Valley, NV

– Paradise, NV

– Rancho, NV

– Enterprise, NV

– Centennial Hills, NV

– Sunrise Manor, NV

How We Perform Pipe Lining Services

To line pipes, we use one access point, such as a clean-out or manhole. To begin, we inspect the pipe with a video camera. Next, we clean the pipe. We insert a pipe puller to install the liner. A hydraulic pump powers the pulling head. After inserting the liner, we apply a resin and cure it with heat. The liner cures within a few hours.



  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Sarasota, Florida



Kurt Waters

Fantastic business with great employees! A++++ Service! Thanks for getting a hold of me on a moments notice!

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The technician went above and beyond when fixing our clogged drain. They exceeded my expectations. Will definitely be using them in the future.

Sherwin Ceasico

Total Drain Solutions has taken care of my plumbing needs. They do a terrific job with integrity when you need a drain cleaning task done. They always show up on time, properly explain the job to me before they begin, and always answer all of my questions. They continually went above and above what was expected. In my experience, plumbers and support workers are friendly, considerate of my property, and helpful. I can wholeheartedly suggest this company as the sole one for home repairs. You'll be glad you gave them a call.