Horizontal directional drilling, HDD, is an innovative technique that allows the installation of utilities and pipelines while avoiding underground or surface blockages or obstacles. 

With horizontal directional digging, technicians are able to drill under roadways, driveways, patios and more. 

Horizontal directional drilling is often used to install 

  • Sewerage pipelines
  • Fibre optic cabling for telecommunications
  • Electrical conduit
  • Oil and gas pipelines

With horizontal directional drilling, jobs of any size can be accomplished, and weather conditions rarely restrict the process. With HDD, surface disruption and above-ground construction damage and greatly reduced while pollution and noise are nearly eliminated.

Horizontal directional drilling services can greatly benefit homeowners, cities and municipalities. 

  • Permits infrastructure installation where other forms of drilling are unfeasible
  • Allows utility installation without large scale trench digging
  • The process is apposite for a wide range of soil conditions, including clay, silt, sand and rock. 

For horizontal directional drilling installations, an entrance and exit hole are dug. Professionals will use a directional bore machine and a bore head is then driven into the ground at a set angle. 

Often, directional drilling machines apply drilling fluid as it lubricates the machinery while extending machine life and speeding up production. 

Horizontal directional drilling is so commonly used as drilling at an angle other than vertically can stimulate reservoirs and obtain information that cannot be done by drilling vertically. Horizontal drilling can also increase the contact between the reservoir and the wellbore.

Choosing horizontal directional drilling: Five advantages

  • Durability, as the pipes are very strong
  • Quicker installation with less disruption to landscaping
  • Lower installation cost with a smaller crew
  • Flexibility, as the system can be installed nearly anywhere
  • Insignificant amounts of soil contamination as the hidden pipe connections are durable and long-lasting

With horizontal directional drilling, professionals have the ability to reach 10,000 to 15,000 feet and can potentially reach 25,000 feet when used under favorable conditions.

To learn more about HDD and to see a list of suppliers visit https://nodig.com/equipment-type/hdd-boring/


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